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Videographer or Cinematograper or maybe a Filmmaker?

Are you planning a wedding?

You are just starting to look for the wedding venues, wedding planner and the most important - wedding videographer, or maybe a wedding cinematographer? Hmm, you might get a little bit confused, then you wonder what is the real difference between the videographer and the cinematographer?

Well, let’s clear that up.
In the age of the digital technology there are some new terms that describe a person or a company that will shoot your wedding ceremony. It is easy for the wedding photographers, they do only photography and there is nothing confusing about that. But wedding videographer or a cinematographer do a lot more and their job involves a lot more skill and time to get that final video or a film.

wedding videographer or wedding cinematographer working
Comparing to the term “videographer”, the term “cinematographer” is somewhat new in the wedding area. It all started when the wedding videos began to look like a film or a movie, and weddings were filmed with the DSL’s - so that might be the reason for terminology changing. The main difference between the videography and cinematography is in the way the shooting is carried out, the equipment that is used, and the the final look of the wedding video or a film/movie. Videographer will shoot your wedding in a regular way, he will take normal shooting angles, probably will not change the lenses frequently and use additional equipment.

videography or cinematography team working
In editing, videographer will make some cuts, he will use basic background music and will not do the color grading or adjusting your video to the music beat. The final product will be more a documentary than a story-telling film. Cinematographer will be on his knees, laying on the ground or climbing on the ladders just to catch most interesting angle, he will frequently change lenses or different type of DSL cameras and other equipment. He will use special effects, change colours. We will even use aerial shots and carefully choose the theater music to suit your wedding film. The wedding film or a movie will have a story, it will have the beginning, the peak and the closure. This takes a lot of energy and effort, but there is no greater thing than seeing a wedding couple and their families and friends in happy tears.

Particularly cinematography involves great deal of knowledge. Primarily when it comes to editing with complex professional tools, in-depth color grading for gaining that perfect color of your wedding day. The cinematographer must be familiar with lighting equipment, audio editing and he must be a graphic designer to make all those wonderful film / video covers.
Here is our color Grading Reel that will give you some guidance on the color grading process:

Most people still use term videographer because they are not familiar with the definitions and they are probably confused with many terms used for a person shooting a video.
Whatever terms you use just be sure you have chosen the person who suits you most.

Posted on October 2nd 2016