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Traditional American-Indian Luxury Wedding in Barcelona, Spain

UPDATE: Here is a 30 minute version of the Indian Wedding in Barcelona. Take a deep breath, sit back in the comfortable chair and take a look at this wonderful film of Jill and Niraj.
30 minute of luxury indian wedding film
In September, our Croatian Cinematography team had the honour to attend the truly luxurious Indian - American wedding. The couple Jill and Niraj and their families and friends made us feel like the part of the family. We worked hard but they made it so much easier since we had so much fun along the way. If you heard about the Indian weddings, but you are not quite sure what it means, we will try to give you some insight.

Indian bride and groom
When it comes to the Indian weddings they are known for being large events with fun atmosphere, filled with luxury details whether it is the food, performances, gifts and jewellery, or outfits. The decorations are amazing and lavish just as high end Pinterest images! The guest list consists of about 300 people or more. Lately, it is quite popular to have destination weddings, such as this one, which took place in Barcelona - Spain. The Indian wedding usually consists of 3-5 party days.
Each day the party is different and related to the Indian tradition. This wedding had 4 days of joy, dancing and having a good time. First day is scheduled for a Mehndi party. There is also a Mehndi Artist that creates traditional designs on the brides hands. The next day there was a Sangeet party.
Hands of the bride decorated by Mehndi Artist
We attended a lot of weddings, they all had different atmosphere, different type of organization, different traditions, but surely Jill and Niraj’s wedding was the one well planned in so many details. Since this was a 4-day event, each day having it’s own theme, the couple and the guests all had different type of attires. This required that Jill and Niraj change their clothes a lot.
Family at Indian wedding posing in front of the castle
The actual wedding ceremony took place on the 3rd day and opposed to the European weddings where the first dance is immediately after the church ceremony, their first dance was on the 4th day, the Reception day.
Indian wedding couple's first dance at the Reception
A whole lot different from the wedding traditions we have seen so far, this one is filled with dancing parties, even among the oldest guests. There is no sitting down. While the DJ is playing the mix of modern and traditional Indian and American music everyone is on the dance floor presenting their own dance moves.
fun atmosphere at the Indian wedding party
And than there is the Castell De Sant Marçal where the Wedding ceremony was held. There is nothing much to say but the castle is magnificent for such events. We also did some drone flying for those hidden angles from the air perspective. Here is one night shot looking at the pool.
Aerial shot of Castel De Sant Marcal
We will post some other images of this wedding in the future as well as the final wedding film, so you're welcome to visit us again!

Posted on June 14th 2016